The Noob’s Guide to Putting Up A Website Using GoDaddy and GitHub

(First of all, am I the only one who thinks GoDaddy sounds a little dirty? No? Just me? Okay.)

If you want to create a website and you have the resources (time, money, skillz), but you don’t know where to start, then look no more! My nonexistent web dev skills are here to the rescue. (This tutorial will not be possible without my brilliant web developer friend, Alfred. So check his site here).

First things first: Buying a Domain

Buying a domain from is the easy part. I used my BDO Kabayan Savings card and a coupon code that I got from groupon. Using the code ‘cjcgroupc‘, I reduced the first year of my subscription to only PHP 45. Neat. But I opted for a two-year subscription with some privacy settings, so that all amounted to PHP 1,309.28.

blank domain.PNG
This is how your website will look initially. Not cute. Time to fix that.

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24 Hours in Melaka, Malaysia

Originally posted in R/Life After Five.

  • Where to stay: Layang Layang Guesthouse ($25-$35 per night via Agoda)
  • Where to eat: Backlane Coffee
  • What to do: Rent a bike, visit the museums and churches, go shopping at night in Jonker Street


Melaka (or Malacca) is a lovely state South East from Kuala Lumpur. For anyone looking for a quick getaway from the modern city vibe of KL and you only have a couple of days to spare, Melaka is your best bet.

Getting there

There are many different ways to go to Melaka. The cheap and practical way is by bus. A two-way ticket via a Transnasional bus line cost us around 20 RM/$6 per person. The trip will take around four hours, so maybe do some butt crunches before settling down.

Directions for getting there by car, plane, etc. can be found here.

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Self-studying Design and Other Things

After graduating from college almost two years ago (damn it, I feel so old), I made a personal vow to never stop learning. I enrolled myself in an Intro to Finance class in Coursera (from design to finance – go figure), and I made it through the end, except for one little thing: the Final Exam LOL.

But, it was a great experience. The most challenging part with self-studying is actually sticking with it ’till the end because you go at your own pace. You don’t really need to follow a strict schedule like in university. Fast forward to now: I’ve come across various methods of free online self-studying (Coursera is obvs great so I won’t include it here), and here are just some of my thoughts on it:

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Free April Wallpaper/Calendar

It’s a little late, but I’ve finally come around to creating a calendar for April. I still have some problems editing out the texture of the watercolor, will work on that next month, probably.

Here it is in its actual form.

I have mad respect for the people who can document their process properly. I usually play with watercolor after work at nighttime, so there’s no natural light, and it’s messy everywhere. I only managed to take a few WIP snaps, thanks to Snapchat. Follow me @celenajasmin if you want to see that kind of stuff.

Here’s the download link! ❤

I Saw Design… Articles

(Note: I spent my entire commute home thinking of a title for this post and I’m super proud of what I came up with, okay. Except it turns out a lot of people have thought of this punny phrase before GDI.)

Here’s a roundup of some interesting internet things that I’ve found during my recent travels around the world wide web. This time it’s all about articles (or essays, or thinkpieces, whatever ya wanna call it).

Your logo is making me sick! – UX MAG

TL;DR: Don’t use your logo in error messages/screens if you don’t want your users to associate it with their frustrations.

This light but informative article from UX Magazine uses the term ‘brand poisoning‘ in which negative scenarios are wrongly branded. Humans are highly visual, thus the ‘blue screen of death‘ and the rainbow wheel of death’, so prominently placing your logo (as seen in the example above) in cases like these is not a good idea. Instead, the designers should at least find a way to make the experience suck less, like so:

No internet connection? No problem, says Google Chrome.

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Two Weeks – Singapore photodiary


Half of February was spent in this little red dot called Singapore. It has been a month since I visited and I find myself missing it! The erratic downpours, the busy streets, the quiet HDBs. Despite of my trips here in the past couple of years, I still learn something new about it every time.

IMG_7054 2
..except for this food joint near Furama Riverfront Hotel. I did not waste time and immediately stuffed myself with maling rice on my first night.

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Celebrating World Information Architecture Day

Ever had those moments when you’re reviewing for an exam and you just get overwhelmed by all the things you just re-learned? Or those times when you just have too many tabs open and you don’t even know where to start?

No? Just me? Ok.

Well, this is called information overload (or infobesity, or infoxication according to my dear ol’ wiki). Imagine this situation, multiplied a hundred times across communities – this is why Information Architecture exists.

Inside the National Design Centre – Singapore’s venue for this year’s World IA Day

So what exactly is Information Architecture?

Information architecture (IA) focuses on organizing, structuring, and labeling content in an effective and sustainable way.  The goal is to help users find information and complete tasks.  To do this, you need to understand how the pieces fit together to create the larger picture, how items relate to each other within the system. (source)

Basically: IA is the practice of bringing order to chaos. Or, more relevantly: the practice of getting shit together.

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(Re)Discovering Manila with #TBMNL

#TBMNL, or Throwbike Manila, is a great initiative by a group of friends who give biking and walking tours around Manila. We joined them last Saturday for their sixth installment (and the first of only 5 tours this year! Very limited edition, please).


Positively Manila

What’s great about TBMNL is that every tour supports a special cause. So aside from getting some badly needed exercise and history refresher, we get to do some good deeds also. This February – the love month – the tour is called “Positively Manila”. A portion of the fee goes to Pedal for HIV, an organization that aims to promote HIV awareness and to fight the stigma surrounding it. I’m very positive that the proceeds from Positively Manila will bring about positive change (heh lol).

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graphika manila day 2

(Continued from Day 1)

Experiment, reflect, and experiment some more.

You can tell from the way Gemma O’Brien talks that she is a very experienced speaker (she knows where to stand so that the arrow in the slide points to her, little things like that).

#SPEWBAGCHALLENGE: Gemma O’Brien writes witty vomit-related puns on spew bags found in airplanes. (Image credit:

Her career started when she dropped out of law school to pursue her love for typography and design. She started a blog called For the Love of Type where she geeks out about typography (obviously) under the code name Mrs. Eaves (yes, in reference to the Mrs. Eaves typeface). Someone found her blog post, invited her to talk in some typography-related event, one thing led to another, and now she’s designing album covers for artists like Troye Sivan.

What I like about Gemma’s story is that she never let the success of whatever she does hinder her from experimenting with other things. She has tried everything: from watercolor illustrations, to pen illustrations, to typography with illustrations, to murals, and even vomit bags. Constantly pushing oneself outside of the comfort zone — I think that’s a great way to live, whether you are a graphic designer or not.

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Lessons from Graphika Manila 2016 (Day 1)

Spent the entire weekend at SMX in Mall of Asia for this year’s Graphika Manila. Attending this event makes me feel that the future of graphic design here in the Philippines is promising, and it also makes me feel hella old (most of the attendees are university kids aiming for extra credit – my friend and I were like: who the hell are these kids and where are their parents?! lol).

graphika manila
Event branding by the Patrick Cabral

Unfortunately, we were only able to attend the afternoon sessions (one can only fit so much into two work-free days) but in spite of this, we left the place with a heavy dose of designspiration and career insights from the awesome speakers.

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