It me.

My, Myself and Why

I’m Celena. 22 years old. I like messing around with Illustrator, Photoshop, and sometimes, words. I love pixels and stories (from people, places, books, brands, websites, film, art, and so on).

This site is created with a humble aim to document and share as much of these stories as possible.

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Why ‘Lost Civilizations’?

I named this blog at the young age of 19 (lol), and if my memory serves me right (though it usually doesn’t), I named it that because I believe that the blogs and social media accounts of today are the relics and fossils of our lost civilization for the near dystopian future.

Wait, what?

Basically I just wanted a vague, all-encompassing name so I wouldn’t have any limitations and so I could write whatever the hell I want. And now I’m stuck with it till I think of something better.