Three months, to be specific.

Perhaps I should not begin this with how time flies so fast, etc. But it really does. Just moments ago it was the new year and I was contemplating on what my goals should be and now it’s April and I have listed zero goals all in all. However, this is not the point of my post. I have things I want to recap:

23 is the new 14

I know I previously mentioned that I felt ancient after turning 23. This is not the case anymore. There’s this article that says we usually reach peak happiness at ages 23 and 69. Everything else is downhill from there. And I get it.

23, not 14, is the perfect age. Not too young to be full of naive idealism, and not too old to get pressured into getting shit together. This probably doesn’t make any sense to you. I guess I could put it another way: you know how when you’re young, you have all the energy & time in the world but no money & freedom, and when you’re old you have all the money & freedom, but no energy & time. Well, 23 is the age when you have everything: money, freedom, energy, time – the world is freakin’ yours. At 23 you can be selfish, sad, enthusiastic, reckless, and whatever else you might think of! It’s really truly magical.

Redefining happiness

Recently, I find myself thinking: you are worth more than your productivity. It’s like a little prayer for my sanity lol. I’ve observed that I always base my happiness on whatever work-related task I have accomplished on a given day. Not only is it superficial, it can also be toxic at times. I’m trying to get rid of this mindset. More importantly, I’m trying to get rid of the self-imposed pressure to be happy all the goddamn time.

There’s another article that I read that says different people have different default levels of happiness and sadness, which is mostly influenced by things we cannot control, like genetics. Meaning, a generally sad person could win the lottery, be happy for a while, then go back to being sad again. A cheerful person could experience a death of a loved one, get sad for a while, then back to being happy again. No matter how hard we try, we can only control up to a certain percentage of how we feel. It’s comforting to not feel lousy about feeling lousy, you know?

Now I’ve reached my quota of words to write. I initially wanted to write about HBO’s Girls’ ending (hence the title), ’cause it’s really the end of an era, but everybody seems to be writing about it, so. I plan to blog more, though. It helps me to put things in perspective. Future posts that I want to list so I don’t forget:

  • my first few months in Singapore + my new job
  • our new place (I just moved in with my boyfriend! Aaaannd my mom lol)
  • some design-related stuff, hopefully (takeaways on books like Lean UX, and retrospect on first quarter projects)

I also wanna try & do a one-week finance and/or food and/or fitness diary of some sort cause I’m just curious about these things. That is all!


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