A Tuktuk Ride, A Design Sprint, and Other October Highlights

From an exhibition about Hong Kong’s agri and aquaculture

Well, what a month it had been. One fourth of October was spent in Sri Lanka, two-fourths at home, unemployed. Read: I had quit my job of 2+ years! That job was my comfort zone, and stepping out of it, into an unknown future, is both extremely terrifying and satisfying.

I’ve had a lot of anxiety about it before, and I still do now, but the fact that I actually did something keeps me going. I guess it’s a little bit like a premature quarter life crisis. I am turning 23 and I don’t want to be spending my birthday in the same situation as I have in the past two years. It just doesn’t feel right. I have to be elsewhere, regardless if that place is better or worse. Moving on to other things…

Coffee Project at Starmall Las Piñas

This cute coffee place recently opened near our house (about a 10-15 min jeepney drive away) and I couldn’t be more ecstatic about it. I’ve always wanted to work in a coffee shop (idk, it’s just something I wanna do), and this place offers free wifi so it is beyond perfect. I can leave the house after lunch, order some green tea latte (the only good thing on their menu, trust me), and leave around dinner time. I love working there because I’m forced to actually get work done – or risk getting judged for hogging the outlet just for Facebook.

An exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art and Design
Massive art installation still at MCAD

Spent one weekend third-wheeling on an art date. We visited the Museum of Contemporary Art and Design near SDA. That place is really worth a visit. I think they have people who give free tours (although the place is not that big). I got absorbed into this one video installation regarding the Jeju Massacre, then one girl approached me and discussed what the artist was trying to communicate. It just feels like the people who work/volunteer there are passionate about art. That’s what I like about that place (not the Imelda and Ferdinand Marcos portraits that are so hideous that I’m not gonna post them here to spare you – you’re welcome).

Pasta and Kimye milkshake at Sunnies Cafe (Yup, they named a milkshake after Kim Kardashian and Kanye West)

After MCAD, we went to the Sunnies Cafe in BGC. That pasta is pretty good, and it’s a really large serving. There’s nothing special about the Kimye milkshake though.

From K

I was feeling pretty emotional the day I packed my stuff from the office. K, being the sweet guy that he is, sent me flowers that welcomed me when I got home. /cries I am lucky.

IMG_1319 2.JPG
Donated some of my books to The Book Shop which is, as of this writing, in Molito.
These are what I got in exchange!

I spent mid-October in Sri Lanka to conduct a design sprint for the company as my last hurrah. The design sprint went pretty well and I hope to write more about it soon!

Design Sprint Day 2

We spent one night after work in a bar in Colombo, and I finally got to ride the tuktuk! Not much different from our local tricycle, but still.

My first ever tuktuk ride is in the streets of Colombo.
Diyawannawa Lake (according to Instagram!)
K. *heart eyes emoji*

Going to end this photo dump with a picture of K in Changi Airport. Pro-tip for people who have layovers in Changi: Terminal 2 has this one area that lets you see and talk to people on the other side of the airport (only you guys will have a glass between you two). Still pretty neat, though. Especially for those in long distance relationships lol.

Other Things

Movie: Sing Street (so so good!)

Book: Aside from the Sprint book, well.. The Girl on The Train.

TV Shows: Narcos, UnReal, You’re the Worst (I have a lot of time on my hands obvs)

Music: Foxes’ All I Need (especially this song)

That’s it for October! I am now on a personal mission to make November just as packed (it is my birthday month, after all).


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