Life Lately: Art, Batangas, and Other Stuff

Batangas: Nasugbu and Laiya

The beach in Pico Sands Hotel

I have never been to Batangas before. And this month I went for two consecutive weekends! The first one is in Pico Sands Hotel with my relatives, and the second is in Playa Laiya with college batchmates.

The beach in Playa Laiya

I’d like to note that for both instances, we went to the beach to play card games! My cousins and I played Cards Against Humanity and Avalon, while my college batchmates and I played Uno Spin. Damn I wish I can go to the beach every weekend.

Art: Bob Ross and The Cheese Monkeys

I’m in an unusually good mood today and I only have one person to thank: Bob Ross. I have never heard of him before, and his face is something I recognize only from memes. But fate has brought him to me, on a stressful day, in the form of a fun fact: turns out, Bob Ross originally has straight hair. Upon clicking said article, I read his Wikipedia, and the next thing I know I’m watching him paint Autumn Images.

Did you know that 2 out of 3 visits to the doctor are for stress-related problems? Now you don’t have to be a part of that number! Bob Ross is the cure to stress. His voice and his general demeanor is so calming. Actually, his videos give me conflicted feelings. Part of me travels back to my days as a child spending afternoons reading storybooks, and a part of me finds his narration almost sensual (IDK???).

Anyway, Bob Ross also reminded me of the therapeutic effects of painting. The last time I held a paintbrush was months ago, and it’s shameful to admit that the main reason that I painted then was so I have something to post on my Facebook. One of these days I should paint while watching Bob Ross videos. I am so excited just thinking about it!

FullSizeRender 4.jpg

Coincidentally, I’ve started reading a new book yesterday: The Cheese Monkeys by Chip Kidd. It has been sitting in my iBooks for god knows how long. I didn’t remember what that book was all about. Turns out it’s about art school! My first impression for the book – I think it’s fun but a little pretentious. I especially don’t like Hillmissy whatever her name is. But it’s probably because she’s too cool 4 me. I just find it amusing that I found out about Bob Ross’ videos at around the same time I started reading a book about art school.

Other Stuff

Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 9.49.43 PM.png
Obsessed with this playlist!

Currently LSS-ing on: Starving by Hailee Steinfeld and Zedd and other people. I have a shitty taste in music sometimes.

A list of things I am loving at the moment:

  1. My lipsticks. I only have three, but I love how I can mix one with the other to achieve many different lewks. Excuse the worn out state:
FullSizeRender 3
L-R: L’oreal Pure Garnet, Colourette’s Sahara, and a lippie pencil from Colourpop in the shade Taurus

2. Drake and Rihanna. They are Too Good, get it? Get it? Unpopular opinion time: Drake and Rih > Bey and Jay-z.

3. In a love-hate relationship with my tan

I’m wearing the lippie pencil over Sahara here.

4. Loving the fact that the light in our room is broken so we only open a lamp to illuminate it. It gives the room a cool and cozy feel. Also I’m not forced to look at all the mess everywhere HAHA


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