Life Currently: Last of May

It has been a while since I did a ‘life currently‘ type of post and I kinda missed it. There are so many happenings this month and I figured it’s the perfect time to just do it.

Bae-ler trip!

I’m kicking myself for not thinking of this pun sooner, but me and K spent the first week of May in Baler. I organised everything so he didn’t know where we’re going (who said women can’t surprise their boyfriends?) We went surfing, biking around town, and walking off our full bellies. (PSA: Baler has the best pizza I have ever tasted — the Tuyo + Bawang + Kamatis pizza from Angela’s Cafe.) More on our Baler adventure on another post.

Graphic Novels: Patience and Blankets

So, Patience. Not the virtue, but the new graphic novel by Daniel Clowes. We started reading it while in Baler. It’s been a good while since the last time I read a graphic novel (or anything else, for that matter), and this is a great welcome to the medium. It’s a quick read, but it’ll make you wanna stare at each page just to admire the genius behind it. (I especially love the part where the couple have troubled faces while talking about how excited they are to have a baby.)

I’m now reading Blankets by Craig Thompson. This is a little bit more depressing, but I’m not one to shun away from sad things lol. Reading this one is a different experience, like I’m too scared to know what happens in the end so I postpone reading it.

Yet Another Watercolour Workshop

My friend and former officemate Maggie (of had her first ever watercolour workshop this month! She held it in the lovely (and very instagrammable) Designer Blooms. It’s so fun to see the workshop in the organizer’s point of view. It’s challenging to teach a large group because everybody has different learning curves. Looking forward to more workshops by her!

Singapore & Sri Lanka Visits

This month, I was required to go to Sri Lanka for work. There’s no direct flight going there so I had the greatest pleasure of staying in Singapore for 3 days first. K and I went biking in Punggol Waterway Park. It was so pretty, and I love spending time with K, but the real highlight of the trip was the food. I had all my favorite food, namely:

  • McDo’s Double Chicken McSpicy (I’m serious)
  • Loy Kee’s Chicken Rice
  • Collin’s pasta and pizza
  • Nando’s everything!

The amount of money I spent on food… idek. When I got to Sri Lanka, the celebrations for Vesak Day are almost over, but I still managed to see the lanterns and the huge thorana everywhere. On my first night, I sneaked off for a short and lovely walk by the lake. There were many pretty lights everywhere I looked. Happy couples, friends, families were just leisurely walking around and taking pictures. And the music. Oh, the music. The music took it all to another level, tbh. I never thought I’d experience anything like it in this life.

Pansol Misadventures

The thing is, me and my high school batchmates have been “planning” an out-of-town trip for months now. Planning might be an inappropriate word, because it’s more like forcing people to at least respond to our group chat. Nevertheless, we pushed through with it. We just packed our bags, set up a meeting place and time (which was promptly disregarded), and that’s it. No place or activity in mind. In the end, we settled for an overnight swimming in Pansol. Which is actually not the best decision because it was the last Saturday night of summer and Pansol is like the resort capital of the world. Anyway, none of that can stop us from having fun. Sometimes, it’s the people who can make a trip worthwhile.

So that’s about it for this month. Summer, you were fun, but I will not miss your unbearable heat.


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